What’s the Meaning of BEC?
Who are we?
What are our Activities?
Can I select my college/university?
How much would be Tuition Fees?
Can I pay by installment?
How do choose about my subject?
How I can get UK visa?
Where do I stay?
Can I work whilst in the UK?
How much is the Living Cost in UK?
How much service charge I have to pay you?
  1. What is the meaning of BEC: -  
  The elaboration of is British Education Center.  
  2. Who are we / About BEC / Identity of BEC   : -  

British Education Center (BEC) is a part of a high quality student consultancy center established 3rd April, 1999 in another name. For most successful contribution in September session, 2009 sending students in U.K, BEC is introduced before the student’s just putting a new dress changing the older one. BEC is dedicated to the promotion of the highest possible standards, in getting admission in reputed universities and colleges, visa processing and so on. We work closely with recognized UK based statutory colleges and universities. In doing so we work on their behalf to promote quality educational and occupational programmed including English Language Skills, International Diplomas, variety of Degree courses at both Bachelor and Master levels as well as Training on different subjects. We encourage students to aspire to the achievement of recognized British Qualifications at BEC approved international institute. Hence we facilitate the following activities and tasks:

Register the students at a recognized UK academic institute
Provide the student with the relevant curriculum and readings throughout his/her programmed of study

Arrange for appropriate assessments & exams to enable the student meet the full requirements of each programmed of UK study.

Continue offering guidance & support to the students on how best to progress into further achievements and qualification

We fell proud to send more than 300 students to UK every year. This has been possible for our expert processing team who are most educated and experienced to process the files. Beside this as we have strictly follow British High Commission Rules & Regulation. So many of student consultancy firm we become one of the best consultancy firm in Bangladesh.


3. What are our Activities?


Flow chart of BEC activities

  4. Affiliation?  

Ans: Our colleges and universities are affiliated by UK Border Agency, BAC, ASIC, BRITISH COUNCIL, etc.


5. Can I select my colleges/Universities?


Ans:  Yes, you have an option to choose your colleges and universities?


6. How much would be tuition fees?


Ans: Approximately £3000 to £10000 (According to College University & Subject)   per year.


7. Can I pay by installment?

  Ans : Yes you can pay by installment.  

8. How do choose about my subject?


Ans: You have to choose your subject according to your last education.


9. How can I get UK VISA?


Ans:  According to UKBA rules and regulations you can get UK visa.


10. Where do I stay?


Ans : You can stay in college dormitory or in private house?


11. Can I work when I will stay in UK?


Ans: Yes, you can work according to UK labor law.


12. How much living cost in UK?


Ans: It is approximately £300 per month.


13. How much service charge I have to pay?


Ans : We have no service charge before or after visa.

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